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Sparta Commercial Welcomes Yemassee, SC to Its Municipal Lease Program

<p>New York, NY., April 12, 2016 -- Sparta Commercial Services, Inc. (OTCQB:SRCO) today announced that Yemassee, South Carolina has become the latest jurisdiction to join a large group of municipalities as a client of Sparta's Municipal Lease Program. Yemassee is now the ninth South Carolina agency utilizing the Sparta Municipal Program to meet its essential equipment needs.</p> <hr id="system-readmore" /> <p>The principal value of Sparta's Municipal Lease Program for municipalities across the country is that instead of having to purchase their vehicles or other essential and expensive equipment outright and paying the entire cost up front, the Sparta Lease enables these agencies to spread the cost over several years, thereby avoiding large capital outlays in a given budget year. This is the major attraction to the Sparta program for towns and cities that are struggling with competing budget needs and looking for ways to acquire the important equipment they need without large, up-front expenditures.</p> <p>Commenting on the experience with Sparta's Municipal Lease Division, Amy Hill,…

Candor, NC Again Turns to Sparta's Municipal Lease Program

New York, NY., March 08, 2016 -- Sparta Commercial Services, Inc. (SRCO) today announced that for the third time in a two-year period, the town of Candor, NC has chosen Sparta's Municipal Leasing Program to provide financing to add to the town's police cruiser fleet. Candor began leasing equipment through Sparta Commercial in 2014 with a fleet of Dodge Chargers, and later that same year with the lease of a Brush Truck for the Fire Department.

Racetracks Continue to Choose iMobileApp

New York, NY., March 03, 2016 -- Sparta Commercial Services, Inc. (SRCO), reported today that racetracks continue to find Sparta’s iMobileApp product the digital marketing tool of choice. The Company stated that racetracks remain a growing vertical, as evidenced by the additional racetrack iMobileApps listed below:

iMobileApp Welcomes Additional Clubs to Growing Vertical

New York, NY., March 01, 2016 -- Sparta Commercial Services, Inc. (OTCQB:SRCO), reported today that clubs - private clubs, country clubs, golf clubs - are a growing segment of the client base for Sparta's iMobileApp product. The Company stated that the interest and demand for the iMobileApp by clubs is increasing, as evidenced by the additional club apps launched by iMobileApp, listed below: